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700 Heritage Drive, Suite 701
800 Heritage Drive, Suite 802
Pottstown, PA 19464



Free Patient Transportation
Assistance Program


Monday: 8am - 6pm
Tuesday: 8am - 7pm
Wednesday: 8am - 7pm
Thursday: 8am - 7pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday Closed


Monday: 8am - 6pm
Tuesday: 8am - 6pm
Wednesday: 8am - 6pm
Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 4pm
Saturday Closed

Walk-In Medical Hours at
700 Heritage Drive, Suite 701

Mon: 8 - 4, Tues & Wed: 8-5,
Thurs: 10 – 5 and Fri: 8-4

Last patient will be seen 15 minutes
prior to closing

Now Accepting New

Medical, Vision and

Dental Patients

Community Health & Dental Care is
constantly striving to provide the highest
quality care for our patients.

At times, patients are unable to keep their
scheduled appointments due to unforeseen
transportation barriers.

With the addition of our transportation
program, patients are now able to schedule
free shuttle service to and from the Health

Our stops include the following in Pottstown

Community Health & Dental Care
(all locations)

Redner’s Quick Shoppe
(367E. High St.)

Pottstown Regional Public Library
(500 E. High St.)

Beech & Evans St. (Old Fecera’s Furniture Building)

York & King St.
(Across from Salon)

Rolling Hills Housing Center
(2120 Buchert Rd., Community Ctr parking lot)

Bright Hope Housing Center
(Corner of Walnut and Myrtle St.)
Stops in our NEW VAN also include the
following in Boyertown

Chestnut Knoll Home Care
1041 East Philadelphia Avenue
(Next to Gilbertsville Auto Body, across from Weiss Market and Dairy Queen)

Advance Auto
801 East Philadelphia Avenue
(Next to CVS Pharmacy and Tractor Supply)

The Grill Shop
35 East Philadelphia Avenue
(Next to Zimmers Pets)

Patients 18 years and older who would like to join the program will be asked to sign a general release and waiver of liability form and fill out a brief questionnaire. A photo ID badge will be issued upon joining the program and must be presented to the driver in order to gain access to the shuttle.

Anominal replacement fee will be charged if lost or stolen.

Once enrolled, please call (610) 326-9460 to schedule your appointment. A scheduler will be available to assist patients with this process. If shuttle service is canceled or delayed for any reason, patients will be notified or you may call the health center to confirm the schedule. It is the patient’s responsibility to secure alternate means of transportation when necessary.

Please note that CHDC policies and patient responsibilities apply when utilizing the shuttle service. CHDC reserves the right to discharge a patient that does not adhere to these policies. If the shuttle driver feels threatened in any manner 911 will be called and the rider will be dismissed from the program.

Items of Importance

❖ Please be on time for the shuttle.

❖ Drivers are on a schedule and
cannot wait for you.

❖ No unscheduled stops will be allowed for
any reason

❖ Driver does not carry cash. If you would
like to make a donation to CHDC, please
mail check or money order to, Suite 100, Pottstown, PA
19464, Attn: Finance Department.

❖ Program participants will be allowed to
travel with one companion (exceptions
for those with young children will be
individually addressed)

❖ Seat belts must be worn and restrain
children and infants while on shuttle

❖ The use of profanity will not be tolerated

❖ CHDC is not responsible for lost or
stolen property

❖ Shuttle is not wheelchair accessible