Healthy Newborns, Happy Babies

Start your child's life on the right foot by providing him or her with good pediatric healthcare. Tracking your baby's height and weight ensures he or she is growing at the proper rate. Getting proper vaccinations prevents unwanted diseases and illness. Every aspect of health is essential to your baby's development into a healthy and strong child, then adult.

Community Health's pediatrics team is here to walk the path with new and experienced mothers -- and their babies.

Pediatrics | Healthcare for Kids

As kids grow up, their health contributes to their physical, mental, and emotional development. Providing the right healthcare will contribute to better health and a better life. Our pediatric providers monitor their health with regular checkups to make sure their bodies and minds are growing as planned.

We provide special services that children need, including sports physicals, school physicals, and vaccinations.

With our Open Access Program, we also account for those sick days, providing same-day appointments when you need them most. Call to learn more.

More Care, Less Appointments

Doctors appointments, dentist appointments, getting a new pair of glasses... time spent visiting doctor and dentist offices adds up. Your child might have to miss school just to get a checkup. You might have to take off work. Other doctor and dentist offices might not be able to schedule your 10-year-old and 12-year-old on the same day.

At Community Health and Dental Care, we offer integrated appointments. Integrated appointments are special bookings, where you can book your children's doctor, dentist -- and whatever other appointments they need -- back-to-back, same-day.

Flexible Payment Options

We accept most major insurances, including all PA Medicaid HMO's, DHS Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial plans. If you have no insurance, but still wish to visit a Provider, we can help! CHDC offers a health care discount program that is based on your family size and household income. Patients in our service area throughout Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties who are eligible can receive discounts of up to 25%, 40%, 55%, 70% or 100% for services received at CHDC.