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Mission Accomplished with Physical Therapy at CHDC

Pictured (L-R): Dr. Avila, Dr. Musket, Courtney, Ancillary Services Support and Insurance Specialist, Emily Seyler, PTA, and Dr. Adlersberg
Pictured (L-R): Dr. Avila, Dr. Musket, Courtney, Ancillary Services Support and Insurance Specialist, Emily Seyler, PTA, and Dr. Adlersberg

Stronger Bodies, Less Pain

Physical therapy is the art of healing through movement, manual and hands-on interventions, cutting edge medical devices, and therapeutic exercise. Our skilled Physical therapists (DPT’s) and Physical therapist assistants (PTA’s) treat a variety of medical conditions for a broad range of patients, from infants to seniors. 

Physical therapy is a fun, safe, patient-centered approach to healthcare, utilizing the most up to date scientific and medical research to provide optimal results.  We believe in educating each patient, student, and the surrounding community about the prevention of injury, pain, or other medical conditions.

Not only do physical therapists treat a variety of conditions, they also educate patients, students, and the community on various ways to prevent further injuries or medical complications. Physical therapy uses scientific research and medical research to provide the latest and greatest level of care to help each individual. A crucial part of our Physical Therapy practice is our ongoing commitment to teaching the future of healthcare with our recognized and highly established clinical rotations with our local and world-renown colleges and universities.

Our PT office welcomes you to experience two beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities located at our Coventry Mall location and in Barto! 

Dr. Musket using CHDC's MR4 Laserstim to provide pain relief
Dr. Musket using CHDC's MR4 Laserstim to provide pain relief
Dr. Adlersberg leading a patient in Physical Therapy techniques
Dr. Adlersberg leading a patient in Physical Therapy techniques

Physical Therapy Services

We provide care for patients of all ages; from our youngest patients to our most experienced! Therapeutic exercise individually prescribed to address your functional impairments/medical condition.

  • Manual Therapy to facilitate movement, to decrease pain, and to maximize recovery.
  • Modalities, such as electrical stimulation, to accelerate healing, to decrease pain without medicines where possible, and to retrain movement patterns. For example, super pulsed and static cold lasers to treat a plethora of diagnoses and wounds, HIVAMAT for soft tissue, edema, and a variety of musculoskeletal pathologies, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and diathermy. All modalities and treatment protocols are in line with evidence-based practice and/or current research findings.
  • Education on your medical condition and proper ways to manage your recovery from surgery, injury, or condition during the rehabilitation process.

What Can Physical Therapy Help With?

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation  
  • Pain Management via state of the art technology  
  • Back/Neck Pain 
  • Orthopedic Injuries  
  • TMJ Disorders (Jaw Pain) 
  • Gait Training 
  • Wound Care 
  • Amputee/Prosthetic Training 
  • Sports Injuries 
  • Balance and vestibular disorders 
  • Developmental Delays for growing infants and children 
  • Pediatrics to Geriatrics 
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Non-Invasive Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  • Pre/Post-Partum Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Women's Health Issues

Learn how Physical Therapy treatment can help patients suffering complications from long COVID: Watch Video

Pictured (L-R): CHDC Patient Jaiden and Dr. Musket
Pictured (L-R): CHDC Patient Jaiden and Dr. Musket

Our Patients Say It Best!

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Patient S.M.

"Thanks to my ongoing physical therapy sessions with Dr. Leeat Aldersberg, I am seeing great ​​​​​​​improvements in my right foot’s range of motion, strength, and stability since my foot surgery in May 2020. At my first session with Dr. Aldersberg, I could barely take a step without wincing; now, just a few months later I am walking up to two miles a day! The entire CHDC physical therapy staff is supportive, attentive, and encouraging. I highly recommend these talented folks for any rehabilitative care you are looking for!"

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Patient J.C.

"My name is [JC]. And I would like to tell you how much diathermy and cold laser have changed my life.  I can now move my toes for the first time in 20 years!!!! And I'm actually able to move my ankle a little bit.  I only have alota confidence that it's only gonna get better.  The most wonderful physical therapists I ever been to!"

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Patient B.H.

"The staff and equipment at CH&D are top notch. The therapeutic exercises from the staff were easy to understand and take home. The advanced equipment such as Microwave Diathermy, and the laser infrared therapy, I feel were keys in advancing and speeding my recovery efforts in which I was able to get my jaw freed of wires sooner than was expected. In addition, all these techniques were also able to speed lower mandible mobility where I was able to eat more diverse foods. I am very pleased with the staff and advanced equipment at the CH&D facility."

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Patient R.H.

"I am doing great and the surgeon was really happy with how well I am doing!"

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Patient T.A.

"You guys are awesome! I met all of my goals. I am doing so much better. I am definitely going to continue at a gym! Thank you."

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Patient J.N.

"To the physical therapy team, we want to thank Matt and his team for a wonderful experience. They truly care about their patients, their progress and meeting their goals. Matts humor is the best! he will have u laughing the entire time! Everyone is always kind and friendly. They are the greatest team of therapist I have ever had."

We take pride in delivering the best possible care for our patients and love to hear patient success stories! We thank our patients for taking the time to share their experience, tell us about their recovery, and telling their story.

Flexible Payment Options

We accept most major insurances, including all PA Medicaid HMO's, DHS Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial plans. If you have no insurance, but still wish to visit a Provider, we can help! CHDC offers a health care discount program that is based on your family size and household income. Patients in our service area throughout Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties who are eligible can receive discounts of up to 25%, 40%, 55%, 70% or 100% for services received at CHDC.