noteEffective October 1, 2015, Community Health & Dental Care charges will be increasing.

ALL patients are encouraged to apply for the Health Care Discount, even if you have insurance.

The DENTAL nominal fee will increase to $35.00.
The MEDICAL nominal fee will remain at $20.00.

If you have questions regarding your services, please ask a staff member.



Financial Assistance is available through our Patient Financial Services department. Our representatives are able to walk our patients through the process of applying for healthcare discounts with ease.

In order for the application process to run smoothly, we have provided the necessary forms that can be filled out prior to meeting with our representatives.

If you should have any questions or need additional details, please call: 484-948-3097, option #3.

Heathcare Discount Schedule/2017 Sliding Fee Schedule

2017 Sliding Fee Schedule

Financial Assistance Program Details

Healthcare Discount Information

Healthcare Discount Forms

Healthcare Application

Self-Declaration of Income and Housing Form

Self-Employment Form