Eye Health Education:

Some basic eye care tips adapted from the article published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC.gov).

  • Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam by an eye care professional. This exam can detect common eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration. This exam will be able to determine if there are any signs of damage or disease by looking at the back of the eye.
  • Know your family’s eye health history as many diseases and conditions are hereditary
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and other diseases which may lead to de-veloping glaucoma or diabetic eye disease.
  • Wear protective eye wear when playing sports or when working around the home. Many occupations require safety glasses to be worn for protective rea-sons.
  • Quit smoking or never start as it has been linked to diseases of the eye that could lead to blindness.
  • Always protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses that block UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • Give your eyes a rest with the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes of looking at a computer screen, look away about 20 feet for 20 seconds.
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Vision Services Offered:

  • Routine Eye Exams
  • Retinal Exam
  • Visual Fields
  • Anterior Segment Exam/Photography
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis
  • Red Eye
  • Cataract Diagnosis
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Dry Eye
  • Diabetic Retinal Exam
  • Retinal Photography
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Special Screening for Medications

Our Mission:

Our Mission:
Community Health and Dental Care’s mission is to identify gaps in health services, and to ensure access, to appropriate levels of care for all people in the service area regardless of their ability to pay.

CHDC is not a free clinic. Health care discounts are offered based on family size and income determined by Federal poverty guidelines and renew annually. Patients who do not wish to apply for the discount may sign a refusal form, but do not give up the right to apply at any time.

CHDC staff members are available to assist patients with insurance concerns, the health care discount application, setting up payment plans, and answering questions in order to ensure access for services at CHDC. CHDC also offers referral assistance along with on-site Case Management who is able to assist patients with eligibility requirements for government programs.

Family Eye Doctor in Montgomery County, PA

Joel Messner | Community Health and Dental Care

Joel D. Messner, OD 

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Joel Messner joins CHDC with over 30 years of experience practicing Optometry in both private and commercial settings. Dr. Messner owned and practiced Optometry at Family Eye Center in North Huntingdon, PA from 1984 – 2015. We welcome Dr. Messner to Community Health and Dental Care and are pleased to have him as part of our team and our community!
Professional Education:

Optometrist Education:

  • Doctor of Optometry, Pennsylvania College of Optometry, 1982
    Undergraduate Education:
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Pennsylvania State University, 1978