Physical Therapy

Stronger Bodies, Less Pain

Physical therapy is the art of healing through movement, manual and hands-on interventions, cutting edge medical devices, and therapeutic exercise. Our skilled Physical therapists (DPT’s) and Physical therapist assistants (PTA’s) treat a variety of medical conditions for a broad range of patients, from infants to seniors. 

Physical therapy is a fun, safe, patient-centered approach to healthcare, utilizing the most up to date scientific and medical research to provide optimal results.  We believe in educating each patient, student, and the surrounding community about the prevention of injury, pain, or other medical conditions.   

Our PT office welcomes you to experience two beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities located at our Coventry Mall location and in Barto! 

Not only do physical therapists treat a variety of conditions, they also educate patients, students, and the community on various ways to prevent further injuries or medical complications. Physical therapy uses scientific research and medical research to provide the latest and greatest level of care to help each individual.  

Physical Therapy Services

What We Do

Therapeutic exercise individually prescribed to address your functional impairments/medical condition.

Manual therapy to facilitate movement, to decrease pain, and to maximize recovery.

Modalities, such as electrical stimulation, to accelerate healing, to decrease pain without medicines where possible, and to retrain movement patterns.

Education on your medical condition and proper ways to manage your disability during the rehabilitation process.

What Problems We Solve

  • Pre/postoperative patients
  • Sports medicine
  • Balance disorders Running ailments
  • Prosthetic training/education
  • Pre/postpartum education/
  • Temporal Mandibular
    Dysfunction (“TMJ Concerns”)

Flexible Payment Options

We accept most major insurances, including all PA Medicaid HMO's, DHS Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial plans. If you have no insurance, but still wish to visit a Provider, we can help! CHDC offers a health care discount program that is based on your family size and household income. Patients in our service area throughout Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties who are eligible can receive discounts of up to 25%, 40%, 55%, 70% or 100% for services received at CHDC.