Behavioral Health Center in TriCounty

When life gets difficult to handle, Community Health & Dental Care strives to make sure that everyone has access to the support systems that they need. CHDC provides mental health care at our behavioral health centers in TriCounty, serving residents of Pottstown, Boyertown, and other nearby communities.

We offer a fully integrated behavioral health and medical program with licensed clinical social workers to give our patients the proper care they require. CHDC’s behavioral health center promises one-on-one treatments for depression, substance abuse, family issues, and anything else we can help you with.

We emphasize the importance of working with your existing family physician to give you the best quality treatment available. At CHDC’s behavioral health center, we aim to identify any and all issues of our patients, but more importantly, to give them a better quality of life.

We Work Closely with Your Family Doctor

CHDC recognizes the fact that you trust your family physicians, which is why we strive to work side-by-side with your existing doctors to give you the most well-rounded treatment that we can.

We can coordinate with your family doctor, dentist, OB/GYN, eye doctor, or any other physician you are currently seeing to ensure that we can give an accurate and complete assessment of your behavioral health. Our behavioral health center focuses on identifying the type of assistance you require by providing treatment options and referring you to one of our community partners such as Creative Health Service.

Screening for Depression

Our dedicated and highly qualified staff at Community Health & Dental Care’s behavioral health centers take depression very seriously, which is why we screen for depression symptoms at every patient visit. This not only helps to maintain a thorough record of your behavioral health, but it lets us identify any changes between visits.

For patients who are suffering from depression, our staff is qualified in providing resources ranging from support groups and physician recommendations, to medication options. We know that depression is a serious issue that is important to address quickly and effectively. Our behavioral health centers are here to provide you with all the help you need when it comes to depression.

Screening for Substance Abuse

Not unrelated to depression, CHDC also screens for substance abuse any time a patient visits our behavioral health center.

Substance abuse is one of the most serious issues that we face when treating behavioral health problems, which is why we place substance abuse and addiction treatment among our top priorities. We are prepared to provide assistance to anyone dealing with these issues, including but not limited to: references to rehabilitation centers, AA, NA, and other support groups.


If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse and are seeking addiction services, feel free to visit one of our behavioral health centers.

Becoming a CHDC Patient

When you become a patient at CHDC’s behavioral health center, you take the first steps toward a happier and healthier life. We promise to support you and provide you with the services you need to make sure that you are feeling your very best. Whether you are dealing with depression, addiction, or any other behavioral or mental health problems, you can count on CHDC to give you all of the assistance that you need.

Additionally, we understand the importance of family when it comes to these issues, which is why we encourage all of our patients to involve their families in their treatment. The road to a better quality of life is not always the easy path, but by working together with your family, your doctors, and our professionals at CHDC behavioral health centers, you can begin making strides toward a better life.

Contact Us

Residents of Pottstown, Boyertown, and other nearby areas who wish to get in contact with CHDC’s behavioral health centers can feel free to visit one of our three locations in TriCounty or call our main office at 800-589-6212.