Summer 2012

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and remembering to keep up with all your needed medical and dental appointments! We have been very busy at CHDC and every day we are growing with more patients and new staff. CHDC was awarded a very competitive federal grant in June 2012 to help support health center operations and expand services. Please visit our website to learn more about the grant.

Our staff continues to work on many projects to improve your patient visit at CHDC:

  • CHDC plans on opening a medical dispensary late summer or early fall for all patients. The medical dispensary will have the most common prescriptions prescribed by our Providers available for you right on site and you may have the option to have your prescription refills mailed to you. We will be adding staff to help coordinate prescription management and some patients may qualify for a healthcare discount to help reduce prescription costs.
  • CHDC will be adding nurses, health coaches and case management assistance because we want to help improve each and every patient’s health outcome. It takes a lot of planning, training and coordination to make sure every employee has adequate resources to get this job done.
  • CHDC is positioning itself to collaborate with different organizations in the community to help provide access for the community. Please look for our events posted throughout the health center, our website and our newsletter to learn more.
  • CHDC is working on developing a transportation program to help eligible patients get to and from visits at the Health Center and potentially local Specialist appointments. Please look for updates as this program is developed.
  • CHDC plans on improving the patient waiting room over the next few months to provide patient resources and educational information with a fresh new look. We appreciate your patience as this project is completed.
  • CHDC will be adding another dental chair over the next few months as well! This will provide better access for dental appointments to help keep everyone’s dental health on target.

As you can imagine, we are very busy with these projects and day to day operations. We have great employees and I am proud to work with each of them. Please continue to let us know how we are doing and if you have any suggestions for improvements feel free to tell the staff and they will get your comments to the right person. Thank you all for continuing to build our health center with us and enjoy the rest of this summer!……Bridgette