Spring 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the CEO of Community Health & Dental Care (CHDC) and also welcome each of you to enjoy our newly designed website for patients, staff, board members and all stakeholders interested in Community Health & Dental Care! Please take the opportunity to explore sections of the website which provides many resourceful health center updates, news, upcoming local events, and valuable health information for all ages!

CHDC is a federally-qualified health center look-a-like (FQHC) which enables our organization to provide access to quality primary and dental services for all patients within our community. Board Members serve as community representatives and 51% must be patients of the health center. Currently, there are 1,200 FQHC’s in the nation who deliver care to over 8,000 sites. FQHC’s serve as the medical home and health care home for over 20 million people- a number that is quickly growing! FQHC’s reduce health disparities, increase access to high quality care, boost local economies by creating jobs, reduce costly emergency room visits and overall improve health outcomes to create a better quality of life.

It has been very exciting to work with a group of great people who are very committed to the mission of CHDC and your care. The last year and a half we had to focus on internal improvements because CHDC has grown to almost 10,000 patients since opening the doors in October 2008. As you can imagine, a lot of growth comes with change so we all appreciate your patience as patients because we are trying our best to balance growth, funding constraints and limited space. Please expect some more changes as we are working towards redesigning the patient flow for a more efficient visit at your medical and dental home.

My personal and professional goals are to keep you informed as much as possible by communicating through newsletters, current events, listening to your suggestions through comments and surveys, and collaborating with you and the community to continue making this a healthier place to live and work.

Have a wonderful spring season and most importantly take care of yourself……Bridgette