Fall 2012

It is hard to believe that summer is gone, the leaves are falling and flu season is here! Please remember to get your flu shot and schedule any routine appointments needed as we offer extended evening and weekend hours. Being proactive with your health will make a big difference for you tomorrow!





Our staff continues to work on many projects to improve your patient experience at CHDC:

  • CHDC opened our medical dispensary in September and welcomed Elaine to our team. The medical dispensary is new to everyone, so please be “patient” as we are work out all the kinks in the systems. Overall, it is a very valuable resource for every patient because you may get certain prescriptions right after your appointment at a cost savings and you may be eligible for the prescriptions and refills to be mailed to you! We will continue to add more prescriptions to the medical dispensary as the demand grows.
  • CHDC is moving towards a Patient-Centered Medical Home initiative which will provide more staff and services for every patient. Providers typically have limited time to educate and inform each patient about everything so having a Care Team assigned to each Provider will help everyone. The Care team will be making sure you are getting the lab work done, going to your referral appointments and providing available resources to you if needed.
  • CHDC is positioning itself to collaborate with different organizations in the community to help provide access for the community. Please look for our events posted throughout the health center, our website and our newsletter to learn more.
  • CHDC continues to work towards developing a transportation program to assist patients who may have transportation needs. Changes are happening each and every day to improve the services we offer and it takes people, time and financial resources to develop this program. Please continue to work with the support staff if you are having transportation problems to get to your appointments.
  • CHDC is moving forward with redesigning the patient waiting room and everything should be complete within the month of December. We have limited space available and we are trying to make it more comfortable for each of you. The television is being programmed as well to offer some exciting information that you may find useful and to keep you updated on all CHDC’s events.
  • CHDC is still in the process of adding another dental chair and we will most likely have this complete by the end of this year. This will provide better access for dental appointments to help keep everyone’s dental health on target.
  • CHDC’s website has been launched since May 2012 and if you did not have the chance please check it out. We have a lot of great information on the website for everyone and we are continuing to improve it for you: http://communityhealt.wpengine.com/
  • We also have a Facebook and Twitter page (which you can access through our website) feel free to tell us what you like or appreciate about CHDC. If you are upset about anything, please let an employee know and we will document, review and follow up with your concern.

We have grown to over 11,000 patients since we opened the doors in October 2008. Changes have been non-stop and we are working hard not only to improve your experience at CHDC but also your health outcomes. CHDC is your medical home and as we have access to more financial and community resources it helps everyone get stronger and healthier.

If you know anyone who needs access to primary or dental care, please tell them because that is why we are here. For patients with children, remember we participate in the vaccines for children program and you can get all the needed immunizations right here at CHDC! Medicare patients are eligible to have their annual deductible waived because we are a federally qualified health center- any little bit can help so please pass along as 2013 is right around the corner.

Take Care,