Family Medical Center in Tri-County

Nothing is more important than your health.

That’s why at Community Health and Dental Care we provide quality, medical services for people of all ages throughout Tri-County area. At our family medical center, we have a staff of fully credentialed and experienced physicians, nurse practitioner to provide you care who specializes in Family Health and Pediatrics.

Along with that, our facilities have Certified Family Nurse Practitioners, a women’s health nurse practitioner who specializes in OB/GYN care. As well as, our long-standing community OB/GYN physicians for your entire family's health care needs.

Quality Medical Center

Nothing is more important than your health.

Whether you’re looking for a family doctor, discount medical dispensary services, or immunization services for children and adults, your search can stop with CHDC. We are your convenient, one-stop family medical center!

We accept almost all major insurance companies, including all PA Medicaid HMOs, DHS Medicaid, Medicare and commercial plans.

If you do not have insurance, and are in need of a medical center to treat you, we can help. CHDC offers residents of Pottstown, Boyertown, and surrounding communities with a health care discount program that is based on family size and household income. Patients throughout Tri-County who are eligible can receive discounts of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, or even 100% deducted from their medical charges for services received at our family medical center.

With cost-effective services, there is no reason to delay -- come to CHDC to receive quality, integrated medical services. *If you receive a 100% discount for your visit to our medical center, you will still be responsible for a nominal fee of $20 per visit.

Beyond coming to an emergency care center for treatment, or to the doctor when you’re sick, it is important that you receive preventive care. One of the most important components of preventive care, especially for your child’s health and your family’s overall well being, is receiving immunizations.

At CHDC, we provide care for children of all ages and are able to give them the proper vaccines needed for each stage in their development as well as developed screenings and parental support.

Family Doctor in Pottstown and Boyertown Area

CHDC offers a discount medical dispensary for eligible patients who have no insurance.

The friendly staff at CHDC is able to assist patients with all aspects of their medical care, from locating a specialist, to answering questions, and making referrals. We are proud to offer free transportation services to and from our medical center locations in the Pottstown service area, as well as many of the surrounding communities. If you require assistance in understanding your healthcare needs, our knowledgeable staff at CHDC is ready to help. Our staff is prepared to answer any questions, including those that require Spanish translation or have a hearing impairment.

CHDC is proud to offer people living in Pottstown, Boyertown, and elsewhere throughout Tri-County with excellent family medical services.  Typical services include health exams, flu shots, on-site lab services, childhood immunizations, preventive screenings, and more with same day appointments.

We even offer an emergency medical center for those times when you need immediate care. Call us today to schedule your visit!