Download Phone Menu

Once the phone greeting starts, at anytime you may push one of the following prompts. Here is a guide to assist you with your choices. If you need to speak to someone in Spanish, Press #2.

For Medical Options Press #1

Medical Appointments: Press #1
For the Nurse Line: Press #2
Request a Referral: Press #4 (requires 72 hour notice)
Prescription Refills: Press #5 (refills take 72 hours to process)
Patient Financial Department: Press #6
Case Management: Press #7

For Dental Options Press #2

Dental Appointments: Press #1
Dental Questions: Press #2

For after hours care, hold the line and you will be forwarded to the on call provider.

Rotary phones hold the line and someone will be with you. To repeat an option, Press #0. Please make sure that you listen to all the prompts so that you may be directed to the correct area for help.