CHDC Weekly Update #4 – Stand Together

June 4, 2020

Dear Patients, Staff, Community Partners and Friends,

As we struggle with what is happening in our world right now in response to the murder of George Floyd and our emotions are very high it is important to know Community Health & Dental Care stands with those horrified by the recent event. We need to come together stronger than ever now and fight for changes which are needed in every corner of America. Community Health & Dental Care is your community health center and lives by its mission and values each and every day for all the people we serve.

Now is the time to think about what you and we can do to make the changes needed to stop the racism and build a stronger supportive community- together. We believe the first step is self-reflection. What can you do to make a change is the question we all need to ask each other? This can be as simple as holding a door open for someone at a store, by smiling at each other and just simply being respectful towards each other. Small changes can go a long way and now is the time for that change to become part of our culture.

Community Health & Dental care believes this will be a continuous path we will all be walking along side each other to make a difference. Everyone’s voice matters and must be heard in a peaceful and non-violent approach as Terrance Floyd wisely calls for this change by educating yourself and know who you should vote for as this is how we will win.

As a public health organization, it is and always has been a strategic initiative to advocate for the people with the people and prioritize the real needs of the people in this country. We ask if you want to make a change it will require a lot of hard work from all of us and Community Health & Dental Care will be right here by your side. Please understand your voice matters and we cannot make the changes needed without your involvement and understanding of the power of voting and advocating for what we all believe in- a peaceful world no matter the color of your skin, without hate and overall with open hearts to take care of each other.

You are all empowered to make changes and can turn this heartbreaking event into stronger community we live and work in for the sake of everyone and the future of our children.

Bridgette McGivern, CEO Community Health & Dental Care