CHDC Weekly Update #3

April 10, 2020

Dear Colleagues, Patients and Friends,

Happy Friday to everyone and hopefully we can all have a nice Holiday weekend despite the situation we have all been faced with over these past weeks.

This was our first week back in the office for limited office visits for dental, medical and OBGYN. This week we had a total of 524 Medical, Physical Therapy, Behavioral health and Dental visits with 402 being telehealth, 57 in the office and 65 dental triage calls! All of our staff are trained on telehealth video calls except dental which will begin next week; however, they are still taking care of people by handling telephone calls to triage our patient’s dental needs.

We did receive donated PPEs from Chester County today as we are very grateful for their assistance! Having these PPES will help us keep the doors open for services we can do in the office! We are having more success with local agencies then the State or Federal government and this is the consensus across other FQHC’s in PA as well.

We estimate with the supplies we have we can continue to provide in office services for OBGYN, limited Medical and true Dental emergencies for many upcoming weeks.

Our overall patient response has been very positive as many of our patients do not want to come into the office due to COVID-19 concerns, so they are very grateful to have contact via phone and/or video. One of the area’s I am seeing of concern is food insecurity with our patients and if anyone would like to donate, we will be purchasing gift cards to provide to our patients in need of food based on positive screening for food insecurities. Please reach out to me directly if your organization can support this need. The main issue seems to be lack of food available with programs around our service area, it is like a first come first serve system and not all people are getting food.

Please take care and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. Please feel free to share this letter with whom you may feel it is important to have this letter. We will be posting this on our website and continue to provide social media updates and daily text messages to our patients keeping everyone up to date.


Bridgette McGivern, CEO

Community Health & Dental Care, Inc.